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I hold a third apartment Nursing Skills Train
"Love, love, hold up the sun tomorrow," launc
Meridian area nursing home training in progre
Yangzhuang source of apartments for the elder
Long An Changning homes for skills training
"Big Love Line" project kick-off meeting held
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Regarding the development of Xi'an poor peop 2014/5/13
Ministry of Civil Affairs - Li Ka Shing Foun 2014/5/13
2014 central budget items - Shaanxi fraterni 2014/5/13
Carried out in 2014 helped old assistive "su 2014/1/12
"Care for the elderly, the disabled, 2014 Ne 2014/1/12
Friendly exchanges of 2014 pension agency (m 2014/1/12
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Demand   更多>>
To collect second-hand goods for people with disabilities:
1, second-hand clothes (need to clean, do not expose clothing, children adults can)
2, used small appliances (microwave, bed, wardrobe, etc.)
3, second-......
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Disabled Day Performances
Sympathy for the elderly
The senior citizen senior
Mid-sympathy for the elder
The ministry of civil affa
2014 Disabled Day Activiti
Celebrate Mother's Day
Volunteer service
Capacity building training
2013 nights
2013 nights
Volunteer service
Professional Services   more>>
——Provide advice, counseling, social work dispatch, social workers/ volunteers for pension services and assistive services All kinds of services such as and research other types of social working。
——To carry out social work research, publicity and practice discussion activities, for the relevant government departments to provide decision-making reference ......
Industry News   more>>
Xi'an Disabled preferential compilation 2014/5/13
China will in the field of pension service fir 2014/1/12
Want to be a social worker must first pass dif 2014/1/12
China's community service work 2014/1/12
Keep social workers should rely on "bread" and 2014/1/12
The capital of the second "the best social wor 2014/1/12
Social School   more>>
"Empty chair" therapy
Self awareness mainly includes three k
Defect pattern recognition and social
Label theory and social work
Music therapy to improve the old psych
How to talk to the old man?
Social style   more>>
Pension agency service qua
Pension agency service qua
Pension agency service qua
Pension agency service qua
Team get-togethers
The rural disabled group l
The rural disabled group l
The rural disabled group l
The rural disabled group l
The rural disabled group l
To the elderly holidays
Love family
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